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Poi story: connecting to Hawaii's foundational food

Dig into the history of this traditional (and delicious) starch of the Islands.

August 9, 2022

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Shave ice cultures meet in Hawaii

When you’re ready to cool down, go on a multicultural tasting tour of shave ice on Oahu.

August 18, 2022

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Cracked for Hawaii crack seed

Get a taste of Hawaii's enduring love for crack seed stores and li hing mui.

August 3, 2022

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Eat fresh at Hawaii farmers markets

Get a taste of the local life at Hawaii’s public farmers markets, where supporting local agriculture is always in season.

April 15, 2022

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Top 5 coffee shops in Hawaii

Coffee lovers will be delighted to read through employee Allie K.’s favorite shops across the Islands.

December 15, 2021


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Hawaii Island’s Top Breakfast Buffets

Delectable dishes and fabulous views appear to be the order of the day

Bread Fruit TN

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Get a taste of Hawaii's exotic fruit

Everything you need to know about Hawaii’s five most iconic tropical fruit.

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Oahu's best boba drink places

You'll become a fan of the sweet and customizable drinks with a chewy treat at the bottom (if you're not already).


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Have a Drink at One of Oahu’s Craft Breweries

Beer lovers don’t have to look far to find a quality selection of locally-made beers right here on Oahu.

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The Colorful History of Shave Ice

The iconic frozen treat traces its roots to Hawaii’s storied plantation past.

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Hawaii's best shave ice shops

Here are our picks for the best places to get freshly made shave ice.


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The story of Lion Coffee in Hawaii

Everything you need to know about Lion Coffee’s history and how to make a perfect cup of coffee


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Where to Find Chocolate in Hawaii: A Local’s Guide to Everything Chocolate

An extensive guide to Hawaii chocolate featuring a wrap-up of classes, shops, events and tours.


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Hawaiian Style Instant Pot Recipes

Award-winning favorites from our Hawaiian Airlines 'ohana


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What is poke and where did it come from?

The origins and evolution of Hawaii’s favorite dish.


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Omiyage: A Japanese expression of aloha

The practice of gift giving when returning from a trip


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Lū‘au: The Feast of Food

In olden times, gatherings for a meal marked special events and celebrations, such as victory in war and the launch of a new canoe

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How to Eat Hawaiian Food

If you’ve never tried it, here are some tips on how to dig in like a local


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Shopping in Honolulu’s Chinatown

From tasty delicacies to vintage aloha shirts, you’ll find it here


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Let the Bon Dance Begin

Summer marks the start of a festive Japanese tradition in Hawaii


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Meatless on Oahu

A culinary tour of ‘onolicious vegan, vegetarian and pescatarian-friendly places worth seeking out

Mai Tai

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Island-Inspired Cocktails

Let us introduce you to some fun tropical drinks to try while you're in the Islands