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Introducing Our Extra Comfort Seating

Treat yourself to our premium product, Extra Comfort. Extra Comfort is a section of seats on our Airbus A330s and A321s that offers more legroom, priority services, and additional amenities to make your travel experience more comfortable.
Extra Comfort seats

Extra Legroom

Enjoy a more comfortable experience on board when you upgrade to Extra Comfort.

Priority Security Line and Priority Boarding

Breeze through security and get early access to overhead compartments. Priority Security is available in Honolulu, New York, Oakland, Portland, San Diego, Seattle and Long Beach.
Priority boarding
Extra Comfort power outlet

Personal Electrical Power Outlet

We also offer our Extra Comfort guests their very own power outlets to charge most* of their electrical devices.

*Excluded devices include medical devices and personal humidifiers.

Entertainment Pack

When traveling on our Airbus A330 North America flights, enjoy complimentary access to the “Unlimited TV & More” entertainment pack, which includes select classic movies, TV shows, and more.

In-Flight Entertainment
Extra Comfort meals

Other Benefits

Comfort Kit
All Extra Comfort fliers also receive a comfort kit. (For international flights only, excluding Papeete and Pago Pago.)

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Extra Comfort

*Complimentary headsets not provided on North America Extra Comfort Flights.