Gift Cards Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to the purchase and redemption of Hawaiian Airlines Gift Cards (“Gift Cards”) at or any authorized retailer:

  1. The Hawaiian Airlines Gift Card Program is administered by Hawaiian Gifts, LLC, an Arizona limited liability company and affiliate of Hawaiian Airlines, Inc. (together, “Hawaiian”)
  2. Gift Cards are redeemable online at; in the event does not present an option to redeem an eligible Gift Card, such Gift Card may be redeemable at 1-800-586-9419.
  3. Gift Cards may be purchased having an initial balance of not less than $50 and not greater than $2,000 when purchased directly from Hawaiian. Gift Cards purchased from third party retailers may not be available in all denominations and may be limited to certain minimum and maximum values.
  4. The purchase of digital Gift Cards may be subject to separate terms and conditions of the digital vendor.
  5. Gift Card balances may only be applied to airfare, Extra Comfort seat, and preferred seat purchases made online through
  6. Only forms of payment with billing addresses in the United States and Canada are eligible to purchase digital Hawaiian Airlines Gift Cards.
  7. Gift Cards are non-refundable yet fully transferable until redeemed.
  8. Hawaiian is not responsible for lost or stolen Gift Cards.
  9. Hawaiian and its third party Gift Card administrators and subcontractors reserve the right to deactivate or reject any Gift Cards issued or procured, directly or indirectly, in connection with fraudulent actions to the extent allowable by law.
  10. Hawaiian reserves the right to void Gift Cards and/or cancel transactions paid with Gift Cards that were obtained, used or applied to a purchase made fraudulently, unlawfully or otherwise in violation of these terms and conditions.
  11. Gift Cards cannot be applied to travel packages and any third-party vendor transactions.
  12. Gift Cards cannot be applied to bookings from Hawaiian Airlines Corporate Travel accounts.
  13. Gift Cards may not be used in combination with Hawaiian Airlines issued travel credits.
  14. No more than four (4) Gift Cards may be used at time of redemption when making an eligible purchase at
  15. Gift Card balances will be applied to the total price of eligible products in an eligible transaction.
  16. Any unused balances on Gift Cards may be used toward the purchase of another Hawaiian Airlines ticket or eligible product at a later time.
  17. In the event a Gift Card expires, the balance may be reinstated by contacting us for assistance.
  18. Hawaiian is the final authority on the interpretation and application of these terms and conditions.

For questions and concerns about the Hawaiian Airlines Gift Card program Contact Us for assistance.