Lahaina Heritage Museum

This Maui museum tells the tale of Lahaina's whaling history.

Lahaina’s colorful story unfolds in fascinating exhibits throughout the Old Lahaina Courthouse, which, dating back to 1859, is in itself a precious artifact.

Displays are organized by eras: Ancient Times, Monarchy Period, Whaling/Missionary and Plantation/Tourism.

A skilled artisan of long ago fashioned a lei niho palaoa necklace from natural fibers, braided strands of human hair and walrus ivory (the latter likely obtained from whalers or traders who re-provisioned in the seaside town in the 1800s).

Recalling the plantation days, pots and pans are set on a 1940s kerosene stove. Hula dolls, circa 1950s, represent Hawaii’s early years of tourism.