Hana Cultural Center and Museum

A small collection holds important treasures from Hawaii's ancient past.

Hana residents call this the Hale Waiwai (House of Treasures) for good reason.

Its small but significant collection of ancient Hawaiian artifacts includes kapa (tapa), poi-pounding boards, stone adzes, koa bowls and handmade fishnets, fishhooks and fishing baskets.

Also on its grounds is Kauhale Village—a replica of a traditional pre-Western-contact chief’s compound with a Hale Waa (canoe building), Hale Noa (sleeping building), Hale Imu (men’s cooking building) and Hale Mua (men’s eating building).

Adjacent to the village, the cozy Hana Courthouse, built in 1871, is still used today on the first Tuesday of every month, primarily to handle traffic citations.