Sam Sato's

Order the “dry mein” at this old-fashioned Wailuku eatery.

Dry mein is to Maui, how saimin is to Hawaii: One-of-a-kind and absolutely delicious.

It’s called dry because the noodles, topped with char sui, diced scallions and bean sprouts, are served on a plate and accompanied with a steamy bowl of savory broth (and all starting at $7.50). 

It can be used to dip, sip or generously pour atop the chewy, locally-made noodles.

This quintessential Maui dish is a must-try and Sam Sato’s is renowned for its dry mein; the eatery also has traditional saimin.

The no-frills cafe is located in Wailuku, just west of Kahului.

Be sure to get there early, Sam Sato’s is a local favorite.