Palace Saimin

This hole-in-the-wall serves up hot bowls of saimin, a local comfort food.

Ramen, pho, udon, naeng myun—noodle soups abound on Hawaii’s menus, but none is more beloved than humble saimin. 

An only-in-Hawaii phenomenon, saimin was born on island plantations from the simple ingredients laborers had on hand: pork bones, dried shrimp, green onions and fishcake. 

The flavors of a bowl at Palace Saimin hark back to those days. 

The most popular order: Wonton min, the noodles topped with handmade pork dumplings. 

The most popular side: BBQ sticks, skewers of flame-broiled beef dipped in a sweet, light soy sauce. 

Order both, and you’ll taste the soul of local comfort food.

Closed Sunday and Monday